What is a Vacancy?
A vacancy is a job advertisement created by the client /agency on a free vacancy.

Who can create a vacancy?
A vacancy can be created by a client or agency, click on “Create Vacancy” and fill in the requested information.

How is a vacancy published?
Once a vacancy is created, you will be taken to the promotion packages page with an option for a free trial. You can publish/unpublish the vacancy and edit it.

Can I edit the vacancy after that is published?
Yes, the vacancy can be edited.

How can I view what candidates have applied for my vacancies?
On the dashboard you will see a summary on how many applications you have active. Applied are applications that have been sent to you where you are to accept or reject the applications. Offered are incoming offers from employees that are awaiting your confirmation or rejection. Accepted are applications that have been confirmed by you and you can contact the candidate directly for more information on the recruitment process. Rejected are applications you have rejected and the recruitment process for these cases have ended, or the candidate has withdrawn his/her application.

Can I be in direct contact with the candidate?
After an application has been accepted or the candidate has sent you an offer you will see the candidate’s contact details and can be in contact with him/her directly.

Are my contact details visible to anyone?
Your contact details will be visible in the vacancy to the candidate only if you give your permission. Contact details require a Premium promotion package. After that the application has been accepted the candidate will also receive the client’s contact details.

I have accepted an application, what now?
The final decision to hire a candidate is with the employer and the contract will be signed directly between the candidate and the employer. An accepted application does not automatically mean that you will hire this candidate, but as an employer you have chosen this candidate for further recruitment. At this stage you and the candidate can contact each other directly.